Our main goal is to share our passion for striving for the finest chocolate made with the highest quality cacao beans, with every person, entrepreneur & chocolate maker all around the globe. In doing so, we want to share our vision of sustainability, full traceability and transparency to build healthier and more compassionate communities.


Our mission is to build a business based on the sustainability of agricultural production which has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to establish high standards in environmental care and social responsibility.


While our vision and mission primarily impact the communities around hacienda San Jose in Los Rios, Ecuador, our product has great potential to influence healthy, conscious, and responsible buying habits in our consumers. As the Minnesota community becomes well informed of the origin and quality of the food they consume, they have the chance to influence their family, and eventually, the next generation to create a more health-conscious, eco-friendly, and socially responsible

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