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San José chocolate offers full traceability and single plantation origin with unique and exquisite taste, creamy with a defined nutty flavor, a hint of vanilla and cinnamon which made us win the "Pepa De Oro" 2016 and 2019 World Cacao Summit in Ecuador.

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Sweet Dreams: Hacienda San José and Inkakaw Chocolate

Meet Monica Jimenez of Hacienda San José Chocolate and Inkakaw Pure Ceremonial Cacao! Monica has big dreams made of little cacao beans.....

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  • samples chocolate bars at market

    "I'm so grateful to have so much local goodness to weave into these recipes. Thank you for creating amazing chocolate products and for having sustainability at the center of your company mission!"

    - Lisa P.

  • cacao tree field

    "Following sustainable models to protect the environment & the communities working in the cacao plantation, they bring the best chocolate bars you could ask for. "

    - Dulceria bakery

  • "One of my favorite chocolates of all time :) it's really good, just enough sweetness without being overpowering. The 70% dark chocolate with macadamia was one of my favorites."

    - Gabriella

  • "I've been working with chocolate since I was a little girl many decades ago. I found this chocolate last summer at the farmer’s market. I give the taste, texture, and flavor high marks. It’s perfect for my gourmet truffles."

    - Trish G

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