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80% Dark Chocolate with Macadamia 50g (1.8 oz) bars

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After 100 years of growing cocoa, we have mastered the fermentation process that allow us to produce very high percentage chocolate without an overwhelming astringent or acidic palate

Indulge in the perfect harmony of our 80% dark chocolate with sumptuous macadamia nuts, a tantalizing symphony that irresistibly awakens your cravings. Experience the deep, bittersweet cocoa notes entwined with the buttery crunch of premium macadamias, creating a decadent fusion that satisfies your desire for rich and sophisticated flavors. With every luscious bite, let the velvety darkness and the nutty delight take your taste buds on a journey, leaving you craving the exquisite balance of intensity and indulgence in this truly extraordinary chocolate experience.

Sustainable certified, premium single origin cacao.

*Bundle and Save: buy 12 for less of the price of 10*

Customer Reviews

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Zeb Thomas
Delicious and unique

The 80% chocolate is a great base on its own, and adding the macadamia adds a lovely complexity to the flavor. The pieces are small enough not to disrupt the texture of the chocolate, instead of the big hunks of nuts you might see in other bars.

Greg Rubinstein
Not too sweet and not bitter...

With the added health benefit and mild taste and texture of macadamia. One of my favorites and the one I eat pretty much every night.